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Digital cameras are the newest way to preserve your memories and they are HOT! These cameras use no film, but rather save the picture digitally on either built-in memory or removable media. Cameras with removable media are usually preferred, since when the memory is full, the card can be replaced with another one. The two most common types of removable media are Secure Digital Cards and CompactFlash cards.

The advantages of digital photography include being able to see your picture immediately; the capability to erase the picture at any time if you don't like it; ease of downloading to your computer and therefore including the images in e-mail, a web page, and/or computer-generated documents.

The quality of the hard copy is dependant upon the camera's resolution and the resolution of the printer you are using.

Continental Camera carries a variety of digital cameras from most of the top manufacturers, including Olympus, Nikon and Canon.

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